Case Studies

When you work with us, you'll gain not only a world-class team but also a wealth of industry experience backed with executional excellence. Read about some of our significant cases below.

Document Management System

A large scale engineering customer had a requirement to have an electronic archive of the various engineering documents with extensive capabilities, stamping and rastering of documents. The system scales irrespective of the volume of records archived 

Transformer Monitoring System

A SME customer manufactures equipments that monitors specific aspects of industrial transformer operation. Involved in the design of architecture of a comprehensive transformer monitoring system that helps monitor and control the operations of a complete industrial transformer.

Production Control System

A SME customer manufacturing products in the rubber industry were looking to automate their production operations that were controlled using a combination of paper documents and excel sheets. We implemented a complete production control system that covers all aspects of production cycle starting from job order creation up to product despatch

Management Information System

A manufacturing customer operating in the chemical agitators equipment were managing their production and other operations using a combation of excel sheets and paper documents. We implemented a complete management information system that controls their entire production operations and also converted their ISO process documents from paper based to system based

Network Management Product

Provided product architecture services for a product start up organization that developed a network management product